Teeth whitening

Don’t be afraid to show off those pearly whites! We have various safe options for teeth whitening you’ll want to try. In just one teeth whitening treatment, you will be able to see results. After your first treatment, our specialist can determine how many more treatments you’ll need. And don’t worry, Our high quality products do not cause any sensitivity or discomfort to your teeth or gums even if left for the full hour.


Teeth Whitening

Single Treatment: $35

20 minutes- With a single treatment, you can expect to apply the whitening gel to your teeth one time and spend 20 minutes under the whitening lamp. The single treatment is most appropriate for maintaining an already white smile as it provides the least amount of whitening of the three levels.

Double Treatment: $55

40 minutes- With a double treatment, the whitening gel is applied to the teeth two times, and youʼll spend 40 minutes under the lamp. Many people see excellent results with the double treatment. It just depends on your degree of staining and how receptive your enamel is to the whitening.

Triple Treatment: $75

60 minutes- With the triple treatment, the whitening gel is applied three times and youʼll spend 60 minutes under the lamp. This provides the most dramatic results and is the best value for those who have stained teeth and are seeking maximum results with this type of teeth whitening treatment.