Classic Manicure: $20
File. Shape. Cuticle Removal. Polish

Gel manicure: $30
File. Shape. Cuticle Removal. Massage. Oil. Polish

Dip Powder: $40
File. Shape. Cuticle Removal. Dip Powder Application. Polish.

Acrylic Full Set: $75
File. Cut. Cuticle Removal. Massage. Acrylic Application. Polish.

Upgrade to Gel $10

Aprés: X $75
Soft Gel Full Tip Cover Extensions
Fast and easy to apply, Gel-X nail tips and Extend gel are manufactured from cutting edge soft gel formulas for convenient soak-off capabilities. No filing needed, no dust, no odor, and no damage to natural nails!

Sculptured: $75
File. Cut. Cuticle Removal. Sculptured Application. Massage. Polish.

Classic pedicure: $30
File. Shape. Cuticle Removal. Massage. Oil. Polish

Gel pedicure $40
File. Shape. Cuticle Removal. Scrub. Massage. Oil. Polish.

Fit for a princess: $25
File. Shape. Polish.
Mani/Pedi for our princesses 10 and under

Fit for a king: $40
Men’s Manicure/Pedicure Package
File. Cut. Cuticle Push Back. Callus Removal. Buff. Massage.


Rose petal milk bath: $20

Our luxurious milk bath transforms your pedicure experience by soaking in moisturizing milk, while fresh rose petals and Himalayan salt soothe and invigorate the skin. Then a mud mask will be applied to your legs while nails are getting their final touches leaving your legs feeling soft and clean.

Jelly Pedi: $15
This rose infused jelly foot bath helps shed dead skin, removes toxins, as well as stimulates blood circulation.

Hydrating Hand and foot mask: $15
Relives, soothes dry rough skin. Including sunflower seed oil, avocado oil, and vitamin e oil. Also sold separately for $8 each!

O2 oxygen spa: $25
Experience a refreshing, fun, fizzy and minty bubble bath for your feet. This pedi cleans, unclogs, soothes, detoxifies, and increases blood flow circulation leaving you with happy feet.

Nail strengthening treatment: $15
Healthy nails are happy nails! This intense repair treatment promotes nail growth, repairs severely damaged nails and prevents against further damage.

Peel it off: $15
Exfoliating foot mask softens and removes calluses. This mask including lactic acid, aloe, rose, and glycerin peels away dead skin cells leaving your feet softer than a baby’s bottom.


Add ons

Ombré $20

Polish change hands $15

Polish change feet $20

Gel polish change hands $20

Gel polish change feet $25

French $5

Crystals ( small) $5 per nail

Crystals (big) $10 per nail

Nail shape $10

Nail design ( per nail) $3+

Nail repair $3

Acrylic removal $10

Encapsulated designs (per nail) $8+