Le Luxe Blow: $35 Wash & Blow Dry

Le Luxe Blow & Style: $45 Wash, Blow Dry & curls/straightened

Styling with extensions $10 extra

On the Run: $25 Style with hot tools on hair that is dry

Braids for Days: $25+ from a side braid to dutch braids, we can do it all!

Up Do Hairstyles: $40+

Pony Tail Installation: $25

Hair cut: $35 trim $45 full cut $55 layers

Sugar Shine Scrub $10

Treat yourself to a scalp massage with our citrus infused sugar scrub that adds shine.

Rehydrating Boost $10

5 minute hair mask that leaves hair silky, smooth and healthy.

Repair Mask $25

15 minute Hair mask to rehydrate and repair damaged hair.

Shine Baby Shine $30

2 steps to Hydrate your hair from the inside out. Restores flexibility, renews strength and replenishes moisture plus a glistening shine without weighing the hair down. 

Hair Rehab $45

5 step process to revive damaged or color treated hair. With rich active ingredients such as rice protein, ginger extract and vegetable glycoproteins help nourish, rebuild and repair hair leaving it soft and shiny. 

Hair Botox: $100-$200

Hair Botox contains a protein-rich formula which fixes the imperfections in each individual strand of hair with active ingredients where it penetrates the cuticles and fills in the gaps and breakages. This mixture of proteins, caviar oil, collagen, vitamins, antioxidants, natural acids, and healing agents promises to moisturize, nourish, and restores the hair. Hair becomes softer, frizz-free, and prevents future damage to the hair follicle. With proper care, it lasts 1-2 months!

Organic keratin: $175-$250

This straightening treatment is similar to keratin but without formaldehyde or any other harsh chemicals making it all organic. A variety of proteins, vitamins, and healing agents leave your hair perfectly straight, frizz free, soft and silky smooth. It’s super healthy for your hair as it prevents future damage. So safe even children and pregnant women can do the treatment. With proper care, It last 3-4 months!

All hair is 100% real human hair and may be reused for up to 18 months with proper care. Please come in for a free consultation to determine which of the following suits your needs.

Pricing for below includes Hair, Installation, and Styling.


150 units (150 grams)

18”-24”: $675 hair & installation 

Deposit for hair: $375 (if needed)

Refill: $250 (Every 3-4 months)

Includes wash, blow dry, hair, installation and curl/iron


40 pieces (100 grams and 20 sandwiches)

Thin to Medium hair 

18”-24”: $450 with installation 

Deposit for hair: $250 (if needed)

Refill: $200 (Every 6-8 weeks)

Includes wash, blow dry, hair, installation and curl/iron

80 pieces (200 grams and 40 sandwiches)

Medium to Thick hair

18”-24”: $750 with installation 

Deposit for hair: $450 (if needed)

Refill: $250 (Every 6-8 weeks)

Includes wash, blow dry, hair, installation and curl/iron

Pony Tail 26’’ $50
Synthetic Hair in a pony tail form, can be used multiple times. All standard colors. If needed for an event we suggest coming before to make sure we have your color in stock.